Sammy Chin



  • Jonas edited their profile details
    Nov 16 '11
    Nice birdie...
    Nov 18 '11
    Jonas please join our group.
    Click on "GROUPS" above and find "AES Birdie Killers“ and join. That's it...
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  • Sammy Chin created new group
    AES Birdie Killers, New York, NY
    Located conveniently in downtown New York City, AES Badminton Program is one of the oldest badminton club in New York. Utilizing a city-funded recreat...
    Total members: 7
    Oct 31 '11
    Hahaha We all do
    Jan 7 '13
    Mahesh: Please take it easy on AES players if you ever play there especially my buddy Sammy... ~Tang~
    Jan 14 '13
    Haha sure Tang :P ...miss playing with you guys in Stamford/Greenwich
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