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Zafar Apr 8 '13
My racquet strings broke yesterday. Any pointers on who can restring? The racquet is pretty new. Thanks.
Vicki Apr 9 '13
It depends where you are located. There are stores like Sports Authority who can restring but I don't know about quality or cost.
Zafar Apr 9 '13
Thanks Vicki. I am playing at the YWCA Greenwich facility.
Vicki Apr 9 '13
Ok. Ling, who plays there, may help you with strings. Do you know her?
Zafar Apr 11 '13
Not yet! I can ask Tang, I am sure he will know her.
SC Tang Apr 12 '13
The swedish Rolf (Pia's husband) has a stringing machine. I usually send my racket to Maryland for re-stringing. Some players ask Ling for a favor. She goes to College Point Badminton Club every week and she can help you bring your racket to CPBC for restrining.